ABOUT US of Structured Environment

about us

We live in a structured environment.
Structured buildings, structured cities, structured lives.

We consider structuring to be a primal human activity.
Humans impose an order in all they do.

SE acts as a structural engineer. We look for the best order in our constructed world.
Heavy things followed by lighter things?
Weaker things joined to stronger things?
Repetitive things linked with unique things?

Mostly we have been engineering the physical aspects of buildings.
We have designed the structures for all of the projects shown in these pages. We have imposed a physical order using glass, steel, timber, concrete, masonry, and other materials.

The results have come about often through a collaboration of engineer and architect, from a physical organization intersecting with a spatial organization. We aim to engineer safely, economically, efficiently, and beautifully. We seek a total order which is more than the sum of its parts. A result that brings delight at a level deeper than the merely practical.

Formed in 1998 by Alan Burden, SE now acts as structural engineer for projects ranging in scale from furniture to buildings, electronic device cases to bridges. Most of our work is in the UK and Japan, but we are able to respond to needs in most countries. The practice has staff fully qualified in both Japan and all of the European Union.

We hope that you will enjoy looking through some of the examples of our work displayed in this site.